How Many Crickets Can I Produce?

How to make a Conventional Cricket Breeding System are described in our How to Breed Crickets page. We started with conventional techniques and found very quickly how much work they were. We instead breed crickets with less effort and higher efficiency with the following two breeding methods which cover small and large scale production.

1)     Zega Substrate Cricket Breeding System (Private use and Small Scale Commercial)

  •  Each substrate breeding container will generate approximately 1 pet bought container of crickets per week (approximately 33 large crickets/container).
  • The waste wet food generated from an average family (two adults, two kids) can produce sufficient crickets to support 4 substrate breeding containers. Additional containers will require wet food supplementation. Four containers will feed approximately 3 to 12 adult bearded dragons (depending on cricket consumption rate chosen.
  • I would recommend this system for someone who wants to breed up to 4-6 pet bought containers of crickets per week (6 containers-approximately 200 large crickets/week).  This equates to approximately 800 large crickets/month. More containers can be added as required to meet needs. Larger quantities of crickets I would recommend using a Batch Breeding System.
  • Six substrate breeding containers can fit into a 1.0m wide, 0.6m deep, 1.7m high, (3.28 feet wide, 2.0 deep, 5.58 high) stacked shelving (3 shelves above each other, two containers on each shelf).  If a row is placed in the middle of a room (not on a wall) you can put two shelves back to back. This would give you 12 containers in a 1m wide by 1.8m by 1.7 high area .

Commercial cricket breeding

2)     Zega Batch Breeding Cricket System (Medium to Large Scale Commercial Production)

  •  Where you want to produce more than 800-1000 large crickets per month I would generally recommend our Batch Breeding System. This system is very productive producing more than 3 times the number of crickets per breeding container (6 containers produce approximately 700 large crickets per week using heat pad heating. This amount can be doubled to 1400 large crickets if you use a thermostatically controlled room.
  • This system is best suited to medium to Large Scale Commercial Production.

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