Dry Foods

Nutritional Requirements

The key requirements for growth in cricket and cockroaches is protein, calcium, and energy. Researchers studying locusts and other insects found that they would continue to eat relentlessly until their daily protein requirements have been met. Once a locust has eaten a set amount of protein, it stops eating even if other food is provided. The same concept works for humans and other animals. If you provide high quality food with high protein it is likely that the amount of food cockroaches eat will decrease saving you money. Having a sufficient calcium intake, is important for an animal which undergoes regular moults.

Food consumption by baby crickets and cockroaches is relatively small, but will significantly increase when they reach medium size. Food consumption reaches its maximum at the young adult stage (active egg production) and then gradually decreases with age.

A wide range of pellet dry foods can be used to feed crickets and cockroaches. Some people use, cat/dog/chicken layer/guinea pig/rabbit pellets. This becomes confusing when you go to a pet store and are confronted with this wide range of food types and different brands. My preference is cat/dog food mixed with Chicken Layer pellets. The chicken layer pellets have high calcium as they are used by laying chickens for egg production. To help you understand which brands are the best option, our manual provides a Table which outlines the nutritional information for a variety of dry foods and we describe how to choose the right type to maximise nutritional value to your crickets.

Dry Food Recipe

Below is a standard food recipe for crickets and cockroaches:

  • 1 part (by volume or weight) high protein dog food
  • 1 part (by volume or weight)  high calcium layer chook pellets
  • 1 part (by volume or weight) high protein cat food (optional, for normal food requirements but recommended for gut loading)
  • 0.5 part (by volume or weight) fish pellets/flakes. (Optional for normal food requirements, but recommended for gut loading)

Need More Information…

Below is a summary of the “Food and Water Requirements” sections of our Cricket and Cockroach Breeding Manuals:

  • 4 different food/water dispensers (3 types for cockroaches)to choose from which covers small and large scale production.
  • 18 pages detailing how to build a food try with removes all wet/dry food and water together for quick and easy maintenance.
  • Our automated feeding/watering dispensers, allows you to feed crickets for over 2 weeks unattended if necessary (i.e. good for going away on holidays). They are inexpensive to build, durable and designed not to spill. They dispense food at a controlled rate which saves money, reduces the frequency for refilling and improves hygiene.
  • 7 different methods/tools to feed crickets to your animals quickly and easily (and filter them to the right size).
  • Learn essential nutrients for cricket development, how to purchase food in bulk and store/process them properly to save wastage and money.  Food recipes for standard and fast growth, gut loading and dusting.
  • Tables outlining the nutritional content of key food groups such as dog, cat and chicken layer dry foods.
  • Detailed instructions and photos how to build containers.

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