Commercial Production

We have bred crickets and cockroaches commercially for 10 years to wildlife parks, zoos, pet stores, wildlife rescue clubs, large scale reptile keepers and the general public…. and we are happy to pass on our commercial tips to you. This is the only guide that has sufficient detail and experience to be used for private and commercial cricket/cockroach production.

Commercial cricket breeding

The techniques for commercial cricket breeding in this manual, provide details on how to build large scale self feeding systems, efficient container design and methods required for this level of production. We have also provided all the information you need to grade crickets to various sizes, dispatching and transport of your crickets. We have also provided marketing tips and promotional material to help sell your crickets after successful commercial cricket breeding. Below are a few examples of items covered in our cricket breeding guide.


  • Learn how to quickly separate crickets from their cartons without escapees and with minimal effort.
  • How to make 3 different types of filtering devices to sort crickets on a commercial scale or      smaller quantities to feed your animals.
  • Make a cricket counting device which makes estimating cricket numbers easy and hassle free.
  • Two systems to calculate cricket numbers (for small scale and large scale production).
  • 3 different packaging and storage methods for dispatch to clients.
  • Full details how to manage a commercial colony from breeding, maintenance, grading, dispatch, transport and marketing.
  • 3 different breeding systems which can be used for large scale private production or commercial production.
  • Details on how many crickets you can expect to produce with the different breeding systems and economic benefits.
  • Outlines what you need to consider for commercial production and the expected expenses and potential income.
  • Over 14 tips how to market crickets and find clients.
  • How to keep detailed records and efficiencies to maximise profits.
  • Example promotional material to help market your crickets

Pest management

  • Detailed information on how  to manage all major pests, which often result in the failure of consistent cricket breeding.
  • Our clever container design prevents pests from entering, including a special double screen system to keep out micro flies, a major pest species.
  • Details how to build ant exclusion devices and micro-fly traps to prevent infestations.
  • How to maintain genetics and maintain productivity

This manual provides everything you need to produce large volumes of crickets to save you thousands of dollars or to earn extra income.


For are happy to provide advice and assistance to individuals or organisations who need help designing, and setting up a commercial colony. Please contact us at if you require advice on how to start a commercial colony.

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