Regular maintenance of a cockroach colony is required to prevent bacteria and fungal infections which can cause disease or productivity loss.

Conventional Techniques

The main issue during cleaning activities is managing escapees whilst you take out the cartons. As soon as you move cartons to get to the detritus below, thousands of woodies escape. Barrier creams are useful in preventing escapees, however special techniques are necessary to make this process effective.

Some people shuffle the cartons to one side during cleaning and tilt the container so the detritus falls to the side without cartons. The cockroaches quickly move to the cartons leaving the detritus free to be scooped up.

Efficient Methods…

Below is a summary of the “Cleaning and Pest Management” sections of our Cockroach Breeding Manual:

  • Our innovative breeding systems prevent detritus from coming into contact with wet substrate, preventing fouling (eliminates smells) and cutting maintenance frequency by half.
  • 3 different cleaning systems reduces maintenance to only a few minutes for each breeding container.
  • Food and water dispensers can provide food for up to 2 weeks, reducing the need for food/water changes.
  • Feeding methods allows 10 containers of crickets are able to be fed wet food in just 90 seconds.
  • Systems to remove all cartons together for quick and easy maintenance.
  • Devices to separate small and larger cockroaches from detritus and food during maintenance. This allows more animals to be returned back to the colony.
  • Systems to streamline cleaning for both small and commercial scale.

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