Building a Container-Cockroaches

Conventional Methods

Container design is very important to maximise productivity and minimise maintenance. Below are conventional methods, with more efficient designs described in following sections.

  • Make an aluminium screen frame and placing this over the top of a container such as a fish tank, plastic container or tub.
  • Cutting holes into the ends and lid of a container, and attaching screening with duct tape, glue gun or rivets.
  • Where pests are not an issue (usually closed rooms with screening), then lids may not be required. This is only an option in heated reptile rooms that are kept at stable temperatures as heat retention usually makes lids necessary.

General Set up requirements are outlined in How to Breed Cockroaches Page.

Efficient Methods

Cricket container design

Below is a summary of the “Container Design and Construction” sections of our Cricket and Cockroach Breeding Manuals.

  •  Learn the 5 essential design considerations for an efficient container which are durable, maximises growth rates, and saves time in maintenance and feeding activities.
  • Learn how to correctly orientate components so they improve air flow and ventilation and remove toxic odours.
  • How to build feeding ports which allows for quick feeding.
  • Detailed instructions and photos showing how to build step by step.