Benefits of Breeding Cockroaches

The hit and miss quality of store bought animals means it is not only expensive, but it prevents many people from keeping insectivorous animals.  One of the greatest benefits of breeding your own cockroaches is an unlimited supply of live foods, which are in good condition.

Cockroaches are a nutritionally rich source of proteins (comprising of many essential amino acids), carbohydrates, fats, minerals and water for your animals. They are easily digested and provide good roughage for your animals. Apart from the obvious nutritional benefits of cockroaches, they also play an important role in stimulating an animal’s natural hunting instincts and quality of life.

Our manuals will enable you to make substantial savings by producing your own live foods. For instance feeding a single adult bearded dragon can cost around $550 per annum (Australian). The waste wet food generated from an average family (two adults, two kids) can produce sufficient cockroaches to support between 3-4 bearded dragons (depending on cricket consumption rate chosen) which represent a financial benefit of approximately $1456 per annum. The savings mount up the more wildlife you keep, which seems to be an occupational hazard for wildlife and reptile enthusiasts! Many reptile enthusiasts/wildlife parks spend many thousands of dollars each year feeding insectivorous animals.

Other people may wish to breed crickets and cockroaches for profit. With a little extra effort, people can add extra containers and sell excess stock to the public. Many wildlife and reptile enthusiasts are always looking for a cheap and fresh supply of food for their animals. This is a great way to turn an expense into an income.  If you have unused space in your house or unused shed areas, why not use this area to produce a regular income. I have found that with a motto “More Crickets for Less Money” customers will quickly find you.

You may be surprised to learn that many pet stores and wildlife parks prefer a local supplier as they generally have a lower death rate, are better quality product (reduced or minimal travel times), have longer shelf life and are cheaper as they do not need to pay for expensive air freight (which can be just as expensive as the insect order). Having a local breeder provides them with greater control and obtaining orders at short notice when they run out of stock. Breeding crickets and cockroaches often provides you with bargaining power when dealing with pet stores. Many store operators are more than happy to exchange crickets for other items such as reptiles, fish or pet supplies.

Who Would Benefit from Breeding Crickets

Anyone who needs to supply animals with live food will benefit from breeding crickets as outlined below:

  • Reduce costs associated with providing live food for insectivorous animals such as reptiles, frogs, arachnids (spiders, scorpions) and fish.
  • Produce an additional income by selling directly to the general public, pet stores and wildlife parks etc.
  • Pet stores/wildlife parks and zoos which wish to breed crickets to reduce operating costs.
  • Wildlife rescue carers who require large quantities of crickets to feed insectivorous mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.
  • Wildlife rescue groups that wish to raise money and provide inexpensive feeder crickets for their members or as a fund raiser.
  • Crickets are now found in gourmet restaurants and are bred as a mainstream food source in Asia.
  • University and research Institutes
  • Fishermen

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